A Mom’s world


Hi, everyone!

I am a stay-at-home mom to three kids, juggling time in-between clients’ financial reporting, online studies, stocks monitoring, blogging (half-hoping I’d also learn how this digital marketing thingy works which is an added bonus) and still being able to achieve all the household chores for the day and tutoring my kids late in the afternoon. It’s all in a mom’s world where all these magic happens and voila, you never thought you could do them all in one day! So much for my lengthy introduction, to put it simply, I am a typical Mom who is scared but strong, panicky but resilient, pessimistic at times but always with faith in God. I do believe in all the old clichés in the world and still somehow manage to be radical and open to new thoughts. An accountant myself, I want details, i strive for numbers and all the businesses that come with it. 🙂

In a mom’s world, every little thing matters. You have a right to enjoy every minute how this fresh air just outside the four walls of your home revives your depleted spirit. Every kind word muttered to us is a compliment that lifts us up to shine and do even more and beyond our stamina. I hope that this blog would let me share a little part of that world that inspires moments and creates ripples of stronger Moms than ever.



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